December 20, 2013

Our favorite Christmas snack.


I've tried calling this snack something else, but it just doesn't feel right. White trash is the perfect name for this delicious concoction because it basically is that. A ramble of ingredients covered in white chocolate. So while the name may be less than pleasant, believe me when I say it is definitely worth making. Pretty soon you'll be telling your neighbors how much you love white trash, and won't even care when they give you the "ooookkkaaayyyy" side eye. It's that good. 

Here's what you'll need (measure, shmeasure, we just grab handfulls of everything).
--->Chex cereal (corn, rice, wheat, whatever strikes your fancy)
--->M&M's (God Bless the creator of red & green holiday bags)
--->Salted peanuts (cashews would also be delicious)
--->Pretzel sticks
--->A bag (or two) of white chocolate chips

Get yourself a ginormous bowl and mix all the dry ingredients together. Like I said, we just estimate on amounts but it usually comes out to half a box of cheerios, a whole box of Chex, the whole container of peanuts, the whole bag of M&M's, and half the bag of pretzels. 
Now melt the chocolate chips in the microwave (one bag usually take 45-60 seconds), and then pour all over the dry goodies. Mix together, and lay it all out to dry on a sheet pan lined with parchment paper. It'll take about 20-30 minutes to dry. Then break it up and voila, the very best (and easiest) Christmas snack.
We usually bring this on Christmas Eve to our family's appetizer night and it's always gone. This year we'll definitely be putting some aside and leaving it at home for us to munch on (ahem, at 7 in the morning....or at 12 at night....)

What's your favorite Christmas snack? And please do feel free to leave recipes, because my jeans just aren't quite as tight as they probably should be this time of year.

December 18, 2013

A cup of cheer.


Nothing thrills me more greatly than mail. Anything from a postcard to a package, even email, I just get giddy over seeing my name on something, especially when it's unexpected. (Ahem, except for bills because obviously they are evil.) I think that's why I adore Amazon Prime so much, because I get mail even though it's just diaper wipes.

Well, while this package of goodies from Auntie Anne's wasn't exactly unexpected, the quality (and quantity!) certainly was. Look at that bucket o' goodies! I was not so secretly excited that it arrived while the girls were at school so I could keep the excitement of opening all the goodies by myself (CWh'mon naow. Mommies need fun, too.)

What was included in this cup of cheer? The perfect details to making our holiday more festive. Red nail polish, a travel mug (to hold some delish candy cane k-cup coffee), a wine corkcicle (even though leftover wine isn't a term our family is familiar with), a super comfy Aunt Annie's shirt that both girls think is theirs, a gift card to Amazon which bought each girl a new game for their Leap Pads (Doc McStuffins for Em, Pet Pals for Brook), a coupon for a free pretzel (consider it spent!), a box of Aunt Annie's pretzels to make at home, AND my favorite--a holiday candle.
I'm a smells kinda gal (is that weird?) Smells=seasons & memories to me. When I lit this, I automatically just felt Christmasey. 

Tell me. With less than a week until the big day, what has you in the holiday spirit? Is it watching "Elf" for the fourth time? Me too. 

While I did receive this Aunt Annie's bucket of cheer & all it's goodies, all opinions are and always will be 100% my own. And I don't fib. This cup of cheer is awesome. 

December 8, 2013

Hello? Is it rambling you're looking for?


Hi, friends. Anyone still here? Still reading? Still give a cahoot about our shenanigans? If so ::single pistol:: how you doin? If not, well then ::crickets & awkward silence::

I could go on right now about my thoughts on blogging, but you've read it before (that is...if anyone is even reading this...) You've read it here & you've undoubtedly read it on many other blogs. About how it's changed, about how they've changed, about how it's time to move on from it. You've even seen a few (or more) completely bid adieu to blogging. Me? And this blog? I'm not gonna lie, there are some days where I think I am ready to dust off my hands, say we've had a good run, it isn't you, it's me, and let's still be friends, k Blogger? But then there are days where I feel off. I'm in a weird, different mood. I'm not mad, I'm not sad, I'm not sick. I just don't feel right. And I think it's because I'm not writing. I spend majority of my days talking to a three and five year old (and an almost two year old dog...yeah...) and usually that's fine. I have my two days away at work, I have playdates with other mommies, but I miss just letting my fingers run free on a keyboard. I miss opening up a new page, seeing it blank and clean, and then before I know it, it's a full post of something I'm proud to hit the publish button on.

So. I think I need to do one of two things. Get a new look. It's not that I dislike the look I'm rocking now, but I think everyone knows when you buy a pretty new outfit, you take ten selfies of yourself in it and wear it two weekends in a row in the hopes that you run into somebody you don't like and they see how fabulous you look in it. Or option two. Cut ties & feel weird. Buy a journal I suppose. I don't know. Good thing is I don't have to decide right now. I can ponder. I can also show you all (or none of you because who is reading?) this.
And ponder some more. For the record, I'm leaning towards option one. We'll see.

::Rambler, out::